How do the tools we use to enhance our leadership change us and how can we avoid their pitfalls?

Nathanael Fast’s research focuses on the tools people use to lead, organize, and influence others. Much of his work examines the determinants and consequences of power and status in groups and organizations, as well as the interpersonal processes that lead people, ideas, and practices to become and stay prominent. He also studies the psychology of social networks as well as the unintended effects of adopting new and emerging technologies.


Featured Items



Psychology of Technology

Nathanael is co-organizing two conferences on the psychology of technology, one in Los Angeles at USC, October 2016 and the other at SPSP in San Antonio, January 2017.



Managing to Stay in the Dark

Managerial self-efficacy, ego-defensiveness, and the aversion to employee voice, new research published in the Academy of Management Journal.



Hierarchy, Networks, & Technology (HiNT) Lab

Nathanael is the principal investigator at this interdisciplinary research lab.